Welcome to the School of Business Internship & Specialty Programs Portal!

College of Charleston School of Business students should use this portal to either 1) enroll in an Internship for one of several School of Business departments or 2) apply for one of several School of Business specialty programs.  The program options available are:

Internships (all except Accounting internship program - contact accounting department)

  • School of Business Internship Programs - includes ECON 444, FINC 444, ENTR 444, INTB 344, MGMT 444, MKTG 444*, REAL 444, SCIM 444, and TRAN 444.
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management Internship Program - includes HTMT 244 & HTMT 444

* preapproval of internship might be required. Meet with the respective program coordinator before contacting the internship host/site. 

Specialty Programs:

  • Investment Program (spring)
  • Impact X (spring & fall)
  • Schottland Scholars Program (spring)
  • BMW Logistic Advantage Program (fall), available to declared Global Logistics minors/concentrations only
  • Market Process Scholars (spring)
  • Public Choice Associates (spring)

If this is your first visit to the site: please REGISTER using your College issued G.COFC.EDU address only.  Using an alternative email address may invalidate your account.

You will have the option of selecting which program you are interested in.  If applying to more than one Specialty Program, you must initiate an application for each program separately.  Follow the prompts to determine your eligibility and to understand the steps involved in the application process.

If you have any questions or issues, a list of contact has been provided for you below:
Internship & Specialty Program Contacts:
HTMT Internships & Schottland Scholars: Jeremy Clement @ ClementJ@cofc.edu | MGMT/MKTG/ENTR Internships: Dr. Robert Pitts@ pittsr@cofc.edu | FINC/REAL Ellen Watson. ECON Internships - Dr. Calvin Blackwell @ blackwellc@cofc.edu, General inquiries or questions on the application process - School of Business Internships: Amy Solomon @ solomona@cofc.edu | Market Process Scholars & Public Choice Associates: Dr. Beatriz Maldonado @ maldonadobirdba@cofc.edu | Investment Program: Dr. Mark Pyles @ pylesm@cofc.edu | Impact X Program: Dr. David Wyman @ wymandm@cofc.edu

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